Base 10 Place Value Posters

Base 10 Place Value Posters

These posters are a perfect companion to your place value unit. Each picture has the word form, a drawn representation, as well as conversion charts to help your students visualize how base 10 blocks transform into higher values.

This file includes:
* Units
* Tens
* Hundreds
* Thousands
* A separate group of posters that uses the term ones instead of units

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Monica Dunbar

My name is Monica and I am the creator here at I Heart Grade 3. I live in Quebec, Canada. Like you, I wear many hats. I am a mom of three children, a wife, a dog mom, a full time teacher, curriculum creator, published author, figure skating and hockey fan, voracious reader, wine drinker, Tim Hortons fanatic, and afternoon nap time enthusiast!

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