The Beach – A Multisensory Exploration of the Seaside + Themed Sensory Extension Activities

A fully, resourced, step-by-step rhyming multisensory exploration of the seaside plus themed sensory extension activities.

This resource is aimed at connecting young children and individuals with special educational needs (aged 3-19) with literature, topic and culture in a way that is meaningful to their lives.

Table of Contents:

Sourcing Story Props (low budget items found around the home/classroom)

How to Tell a Multisensory Story

The Beach – A Fully Resourced Rhyming Multisensory Story

Story Map

Seaside Sounds

How to Make a Seaside Sensory Bag

How to Make a Seaside Sensory Bin

Sand Play

How to Make a Seaside Sensory Bottle

Sandy Footsteps

Textured Sinking Sand & Sea Salt Scrub

Beachcombing Art

Seashell Rubbings & Sand Art

Seaside Shop Role Play

Seaside Ideas and Activities


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