The Beach – A Multisensory Exploration of the Seaside + Themed Sensory Extension Activities

A fully, resourced, step-by-step rhyming multisensory exploration of the seaside plus themed sensory extension activities.

This resource is aimed at connecting young children and individuals with special educational needs (aged 3-19) with literature, topic and culture in a way that is meaningful to their lives.

Table of Contents:

Sourcing Story Props (low budget items found around the home/classroom)

How to Tell a Multisensory Story

The Beach – A Fully Resourced Rhyming Multisensory Story

Story Map

Seaside Sounds

How to Make a Seaside Sensory Bag

How to Make a Seaside Sensory Bin

Sand Play

How to Make a Seaside Sensory Bottle

Sandy Footsteps

Textured Sinking Sand & Sea Salt Scrub

Beachcombing Art

Seashell Rubbings & Sand Art

Seaside Shop Role Play

Seaside Ideas and Activities


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I live in the UK and have 20 years’ experience working in education, including teaching literacy skills to the travelling community and EFL to Spanish and Moroccan communities.

The last 13 years I have taught literacy, numeracy and speech and language interventions in special education to pupils age 3-19 with a range of learning needs including Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties, Complex Needs, Behaviour support, Downs Syndrome and Global Delay.

Multisensory stories are aimed at connecting individuals with SEND to literature, culture and topic in a way that is meaningful to the lives.

Multisensory stories tell a story using words and sensory stimuli (story props). The props are all low budget items found around the home and classroom.
Exposure to sensory stimuli, (story props), engages the story explorer with new experiences to calm and alert their sensory system in a safe, therapeutic and fun environment helping them to understand the world around them.

The stories are fully resourced and written in an easy to follow, step by step format making them accessible for Parents, Guardians, Childminders, Early Years Educators, Teachers, HLTA’s, TA's, Speech Therapists, Play Therapists, Support Workers, Activity Coordinators, Storytellers, Librarians and anyone with an interest in exploring storytelling through the senses in a fun and engaging way!

Listening to rhyme and rhythm supports memory and aids learning playing a crucial role in language development, the learning of concepts, communication and early literacy skills such as listening and attention skills, anticipation, turn-taking and making choices.

The stories are adapted to meet a range of abilities and needs from curious preschoolers to teenagers with complex needs.
Each story includes themed, sensory extension activities linking to areas of the curriculum making them suitable for use in mainstream schools with Early Years, Reception, Primary, EAL and Speech and Language students.

My website is a free resource full of ideas and sensory inspiration and includes a Story Library of FREE multisensory stories and poems to download and enjoy.

Your questions, queries, comments and feedback are always welcome!

Twitter: @RhymingStories

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