The Ice-Breaker Game

The Ice-Breaker Game will complement any lesson plan. It is designed to motivate and engage students in grades 9 thru 12 and will initiate communication, open discussion, collaboration, and even self-introspection prior to daily classroom delivery. This game activity includes two whole weeks (5 days each) of open-ended questions ranging from key topics such as: Personal Habits, Personal Learning Style, Expectations & Future Outlook, Community Involvement, Motivation, Time Management, Ethical Responsibility, etc. This Game will “break the ice” among the students and ultimately provide the teacher and educator with better perspective on classroom management.

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Eddie Bannister

SEM stands for Supplemental Educational Materials. It represents my experience of over 20 years in academics. My resources are designed for teachers, educators and the homeschooling community. They should find these resources supportive and supplemental for classroom instruction and delivery and to help with the learning objective. An underlying goal is to also develop fun, interesting and appealing material for the most important participant in every learning setting--the student.

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