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Action Verbs by I Heart Grade 3 is a comprehensive educational resource designed to help young learners develop their understanding of verbs and their usage in everyday language. With a focus on engaging activities and colourful illustrations, this resource is ideal for children in grades 3 and 4 who are just starting to explore the world of written language.

The Action Verbs resource includes a variety worksheet activities that encourage children to use verbs in their speech and writing. These activities fill-in-the-blank exercises and sentence-building challenges. By using these activities, children will gain a solid foundation in the basics of verbs, and will be better equipped to use them effectively in their communication.

This file specifically targets the use of action verbs in sentences. Your primary students will be able to identify action verbs, located them in sentences, and use them when writing complete sentences.

Overall, Action Verbs by I Heart Grade 3 is an excellent resource for anyone looking to help young learners develop their language skills. With its engaging activities, helpful tips, and colorful illustrations, this resource is sure to be a hit with both children and educators alike.

This unit includes the following items to help you teach Action Verbs in your classroom.


* 4 full coloured posters describing Action Verbs

* 1 black & white title page for student duo-tangs

* 5 black & white Action Verbs worksheets

* 1 black & white evaluation sheet for pre & post evaluation

* 1 black & white evaluation tracking sheet

* Complete Teacher Answer Key

* All blackline masters

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