Backpacking the Light Way

Learn How to Have More Fun Backpacking


This is NOT another backpacking gear book.  There are many good ones already in the market.  Instead this is a guide to help conventional backpackers lighten their load, specifically, by helping navigate the paradigm shift required to enter the world of the ultralight backpacker.  The preservation of comfort is the guiding principle that allows conventional backpackers to learn from ultralight approaches, without sacrificing what we consider important.  Lightweight backpacking is more fun.

This book is for both beginner and advanced backpackers who want to pack more efficiently, carry less weight, still be fully prepared for contingencies, live comfortably, and have more fun in the backcountry.  It presents field-tested, proven methodologies for:

•    Gear organization, modular packing systems, and creating gear lists that work
•    Assessing conventional gear you own
•    Understanding the mindsets of both conventional and ultralight backpacking
•    Navigating the mindset shift required to seriously lighten up
•    Redefining each gear system to meet your needs
•    Dealing with winter conditions
•    Packing to minimize frustration
•    Assessing risk in the backcountry
•    Effective trip planning

The book includes many full color photographs.  It is beautiful and easy to use, a joy to read, and designed to be a book that will help anyone willing to apply its wisdom.



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Rick Light

Richard A Light has been an instructor of Jewish death practices since 1996, and an instructor of backpacking and rock climbing for a decade, in addition to leading Grand Canyon backcountry treks since 1993. He has published four books related to Jewish death practices in addition to his popular light weight backpacking book.

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