England – Unit Of Work

This unit of work explores England beginning with the country’s location, make up and statistics. England’s landscape is explored using the lyrics from ‘Jerusalem’ and what the students consider the be English are discussed.

England’s population is studied in terms of minorities and majorities, census information and its history to help explain this. Why people would want to move to England is explored with the benefits and problems which may arise from this. The country’s roll within the EU (European Union) and United Nations is explored.

The weather in England is looked at through the physical factors which effect it across four distinct regions, these features are also studied in relation to where people live and human features.

The makeup of the Union Jack is touched upon as well as some of the quirkier sayings from the language. England’s culture is investigated through traditional dress, dance and music, religion, sport, language, royal family, national emblems, and Saint George. The students have the opportunity to discuss and try some products produced within England.

Some of England’s more unusual famous landmarks are explored including the Angel of the North, Cheddar Gorge, Sherwood Forest, Stonehenge, Hadrian’s Wall, and Chalk Figures. In addition, how England’s landscape is used in many blockbuster films is investigated with the positive and negative aspects being considered. The beauty of England’s National Parks is appreciated with a discussion as to whether the South Down should have become one and the resulting fallout from various groups.

The booklet concludes with the students creating a touring holiday for a visiting family to specific location types. This can be differentiated by including accommodation and a travel log.

A range of individual and group activities are incorporated within this booklet, including, annotating maps, their thoughts and ideas, word fills, gathering research from print, drawing, and reading graphs, recording weather, field sketch skills and decision-making exercises.

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