Thankful February – Poster

February can appear to stretch long into the distance: there’s the afterglow of Christmas and hopeful New Year’s resolutions, but it’s grey and cold outside. It can often be a struggle to last until the first blooms of spring so why not take a short time each day to think about all the things we are thankful for and can look forward to, to help melt away the winter blues…

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Willson Education

Hi, I'm a Geography teacher with experience educating at various levels across the south of England, ranging from mainstream schools, SEN and extra-curricular tuition. I also have experience in teaching Humanities, English and PSHE topics, as well as having worked as a cover supervisor and an exams invigilator. I've also had the chance whist studying and practising Geography to visit some fabulous locations around the world such as the Sahara Dessert, the American Heartland for my dissertation and Germany as part of my degree study programme. All of my experiences so far have added to my passion for the subject and I continue to produce and edit educational material today with a view to passing on my enthusiasm for the subject as well as inspiring new Geographers.

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