Literature: (0) Beloved – Introduction to the Text

Toni Morrison’s ‘Beloved’ remains an essential text to support our understanding of the post-modern dilemmas of racial inequality. I have taught this novel a number of times and have refined this resource at the close of every academic year. It works! I have successfully used this resource to lead my teaching in the classroom, as a homework and distance learning material and even as a tool of revision – all have worked well for the students. This colossal twenty-three slide presentation is beautifully illustrated and engaging for the students, providing a structured first exploration into the text.

This presentation contains an author bio, reflective written tasks around the novel’s key themes, and written tasks around our first impressions of the key characters. An extension task and a homework assignment are also included. There is no work for you to complete whatsoever. This is a complete resource. Enjoy.

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Michael Flynn

I am a frontline teacher with 12 years state school experience from inner London schools, and a further 8 years experience teaching internationally in Mexico and Spain. I am now a self-employed English tutor and pretty much a full-time Resource Author. This working life choice allows me to take care of my beautiful American wife and step-daughter, along with my own daughter from a previous relationship - we are a happy disfunctional, yet very loving, little family unit.

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