Famplay Guidebook: Introduction to Play and Project-Based Parenting

This is the first guidebook for Famplay. An Introduction to Play and Project-Based Parenting is an educational course on play-based parenting that consists of three Parent Discussion Starters and four Family Activities. The Discussion Starters engage adults in conversations about the value of education and how to utilize play and projects to optimize what children learn in life. The Family Activities engage multiple generations of family members in play and project-based learning within the comfort of your own home and life. This course teaches parenting methods of conscious observation, developing habits of support, and modeling actions for the next generation to emulate.

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Matthew Andrews

Dr. Andrews advises executives and educational leaders as well as individual students and families to reach educational goals. He shows leaders how to build school systems, education technology, and research-based programs for success in education. He conducts research on human development, evaluates school programs, designs innovative curriculum, teaches entrepreneurship, and advises leaders to meet educational goals. Dr. Andrews was the founding middle school administrator and designer of educational programs for the Yew Chung International School of Silicon Valley.

Dr. Andrews may be best known for his research on Youth Purpose and Good Work at the Stanford Center on Adolescence. He is a revolutionary teacher, administrator, and advisor for schools that defined new standards for the 21st Century, including Bullis Charter School, East Palo Alto Academy, and Singularity University. He obtained his Ph.D. in Child Adolescent Development and Education from Stanford University in 2011, as well as Masters Degrees, Teaching and Administration credentials from the University of Minnesota, University of California, UCSB and UCLA.

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