WisdomMaps: Welcome to the Future of the Past!

Welcome to the Future of the Past! WisdomMaps offers an amazing romp through world history with a patented 21st-century learning system that enables the viewer to see how history fits together and engages the learner with a limitless array of multimedia resources. Join us at WisdomMaps.com for the best education you’ve never had!

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Terrence Monroe

I'm tantalized by the ages-old proposition of the "unity of knowledge"... which is what "WisdomMaps" are all about. Why unify knowledge? Because when you associate information with other information, you create meaning. Imagine a new knowledge universe based on meaning and implications! As the book says, "The price of wisdom is beyond rubies."

Hence WisdomMaps. I've created several thousands of these on all subjects of history, and in using them to teach, I've found that they've amplified the appetite of learners to not just engage history but to absolutely devour it... and its wisdom. Having used WisdomMaps since 2014 to teach history for colleges and high schools nationwide, the level of learner engagement has exceeded anything I had experienced during the previous 40 years of teaching history in the usual textbook-based way.

I'm hopeful that WisdomMaps might someday help redeem history from the dustbin of traditional learning and bring it into the 21st century (where even history deserves a place). But grand aspirations aside, my business is with the learner: if you'd like to learn about the world and its story in a new and uniquely digitally-engaging way, this may be the best education you've never had.

I hope you'll agree that this deserves to be seen and made available to learners everywhere. Please get in touch and allow me to introduce you to WisdomMaps.com... Information Reimagined. To one and all, I say "Welcome to the Future of the Past!"

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