Tourism – Unit Booklet

This booklet allows students to explore tourism from its definition to types of tourism and their impacts. The unit starts by introducing the difference between leisure and tourism, where we holiday, the types of tourism available to us and how our holidays have changed and grown.

Tourism as an economic activity is explored in terms of the employment and GDP generated. Impacts of tourism are investigated in the unlikely but busy location of Antarctica, while the management of these social, economic, and environmental impacts are highlighted in our National Parks.

Sustainable and eco-tourism is researched looking at strategies in place around the world and specifically at the Galapagos Islands. Blackpool, UK, is used to explain Butler’s Cycle of Tourism Model and leads into the exciting topic of Movie-Induced Tourism. Book, film, and television are used to highlight how they can encourage tourism growth to particular areas and the positive and negative impacts this can have before, during, and after production.

The unit concludes with the students creating their own Movie-Induced tour. They will create a short introduction video to tourists to your country and design a week’s holiday for visitors to include a major city, seaside resort, historic town, countryside area and a special place of their own.

A range of individual and group activities are incorporated within this booklet, including, gathering research from print and video, their thoughts, and ideas, drawing and reading various graphs including completing a choropleth map from gathering data to finished map with description of findings, annotating maps, scripting a podcast, poster design with peer assessment, completing a fact file and developing their own holiday schedule.

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