Wake Up The Magic How Toys And Play Can Stimulate The Unique Abilities Of Your Child

Wake Up The Magic How Toys And Play Can Stimulate The Unique Abilities Of Your Child During this process of child development, there are certain important points to keep in mind. As we can handle more and more information, this will make it easier for us to make decisions about what is happening in our lives as well as the lives of our children. In this book, we will be discussing how to stimulate the development of our children’s capacities. Our consciousness will be expanding in such a way as to cause us to be aware of the impact of our voice and our actions on the development of a child. Play awakens a very special magic. It opens up new possibilities that will add to the health and intelligence of a child. Furthermore, play establishes healthy interactions. Important values are being taught, such as sharing, participating, waiting for your turn, learning to win and lose, being alert and paying attention to the moves and pieces that are part of the game, self-control, and — above all — enjoying yourself immensely. Having the opportunity to play with a child will promote profound relationships between those who are playing. This is something that has infinite value, with no equal, in the life and heart of a person. Play opens up an opportunity for learning moments to be filled with fun. That knowledge will be the line that marks an important push in a child’s development.

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By: Ana Elisa Villalaz

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Ana Elisa Villalaz

Ana Elisa Villalaz S., M.S. is the creator and current director of Lograrte and Logros, Centro Terapéutico Integral. And both Centers have been created by her as part of her professional life as a Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Health Coach.
Over the years, she has lived with and helped many families who have needed her services. This experiences have given her the opportunity to observe the huge positive impact that her powerful and specific interventions can have.
This led her to write a book that condenses all of these experiences in one place so that her knowledge can be even greater benefit to everybody and at the same time to create AnaNui toys (www.ananui.com).
Villalaz did her studies in General Psychology at the “Universidad de Panama” (1994-1999). She later received her masters degrees on Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy at the “Universidad Iberoamericana de Puebla”, Mexico (2000-2003).
At the end of 2013 she graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Nueva York, U.S.A. as a Health Coach.
She was a professor of the M.Sc. program in Clinical Psychology at the “Universidad de Panamá” (2008) and at the General Psychology program at the “Universidad Santa María La Antigua (USMA)” and at the “Universidad Interamericana.”
She has a specific focus on caring for children with developmental disorders and the autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

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